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FB Posts April 2010

I met a superhero recently! To the untrained eye, she appears to be a disheveled and possibly homeless woman. But in truth, she is "The Proprietor!". You see, she walks into a store, grabs something off the shelf, and walks out without paying. When confronted, she shouts "I'm the proprietor! I own this place!" She can do this anywhere, because her superpower is owning any establishment she walks into. Just ask her.


Public Image Ltd. was awesome, and Lydon still has charisma to spare. "Warriors" became a left-wing rallying cry, "Death Disco" was all howling catharsis; shards of noise and weird structures with bass pummeling through everything - That's what dance music should sound like!


People keep mentioning ICP on my friends list, which I assume is inspired by their new "miracles" video, since there is literally no other reason anyone has thought about ICP since 1996. So I've decided to share the awesome SNL parody, in case you missed it last week: http://soupsoup.tumblr.com/post/530879770/snl-thrilla-killa-clowns-magical-mystery


Dear kids these days: I am disappointed in your musical choices.

COMMENTARY: It appears very little happened in May
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