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hollowman's Journal

All This Useless Beauty

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7 December 1978
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Boo Radley speaks...

I am 28 years old, live near Seattle, dress entirely in black, and am not, to my knowledge, a vampire, witch, or puritan. I am generally bemused by life. I enjoy a wide range of punk, proto-punk, and post-punk music. (ok, maybe not so wide). Because it has been a source of confusion, my username comes from the TS Eliot poem "The Hollow Men".

To whoever wants to know, I appear to be about 6'1", scruffy and capable of lifting heavy objects. I move alternately in expansive, ambivalent movements, or quick birdlike ones. My hair is straight until it gets about "average" length, at which point it curls into some sort of viscous hedge. I play incomprehensible games with a pencil much of the time.

I am a naturalist in the sense that I believe the most reasonable source of knowledge is the physical world around us; and I study it primarily for the sheer joy of knowing of it. I am thoroughly convinced by the evidence for evolution and consider it one of the most fundamental and pervasive aspects of existence. I find the study of life and the behavior of life to be endlessly fascinating and powerful. I hope to transfer this passion into a career, but it would not be dimmed for lack of one.

I like to think. I have a bleak sense of humor, and hence think the world is funny. I like people, but do not trust them. I don't believe there is any inherent meaning to life. Death is my one great enemy; I live to spite it. I only rarely add people to my friends list. I am fond of vermin and survivors - crows & raven, rats, hyena, snakes, and bats. I would enjoy an army of beasts who follow my commands, and the world would be a better place if it was provided.

I dislike religion and drugs... the opiate of the masses and the religion of the underground, respectively. However, I've no particular problem with practitioners of either.

I will chew on almost anything, which has got me in trouble in the past.

I can safely be called a Democrat, but far from a bleeding heart. I've no patience for anyone who says facts are a matter of opinion; which includes far too many on the left. I have been called "counter-revolutionary", which still amuses me.

I always demand the best and expect the worst. That way, I am pleasantly surprised when things go well, and am indignant rather than despondent when they go badly.

I have a cat named chester, after the star of "Bunnicula". He is a wily opponent and cunning strategist, keen of eye and hearing, and armed with very sharp teeth; much like myself. I also have a corn snake currently dubbed "Snakey McSnakerton", who is too busy being ambivalent to be bored.

I love animals. They are very beautiful, and very practical. They are survivors, and the best of them will be a thorn in mankind's side for as long as we exist.

Tank you and g'day.

"No matter how great your triumphs, nor how tragic your defeats... approximately one billion Chinese couldn't care less."
-Laslo's relativity axiom

Addendum: I don't have breasts, and thus do not get random presents. However, for those of you who do buy me things on birthdays and the such, here's a wishlist to give you ideas. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/registry/3MDRVD9WTF3FV/ref%3Dwl%5Fs%5F3/104-2993147-9725505

Reasoned Thus With Himself
and judged it to be for the interest of the present and future
generations that they should be made acquainted
with his thoughts.
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