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I just walked a couple blocks to the local QFC to pick up a sandwich and anana for eating purposes, and back again. And it was probably the hardest hike I have been on in my LIFE. I've used crutches for brief periods before, but actually walking on the things for any distance (in the rain no less, I slipped twice) is like swinging from the monkey bars while someone sandpapers your armpits and bangs on your ankle with a frying pan.

So that gives me a pretty good idea of the next week or so, I guess.

Random thought: How are the children of today supposed to find quality cinema anymore? USA Up All Night, Monstervision, 100% weird, Movie Macabre, even MST3K... these were important cinematic experiences! I don't think anything has filled this important void in our pop-culture. I mean, good movies have their place, but so do really, really bad movies.

Also, the show Dexter is awesome. Also, pain pills make me groggy.
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