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What Fresh Snow Is This?

So we're in the midst of the snowpocalypse up here, which normally I would enjoy immensely - except that every day this week most my co-workers were unable to get to work, leaving me to trudge each day at 6am through alternating scenery of blizzards and mornings so cold and clear and silent you would think you were stomping across some distant planet nearly free of atmosphere, improbably tethered to the ground by the sheer bulk of ice weighing down your boots.

Not that I was supposed to work at 6am, or even work, on all these days. Now, today is my day off, and I must trudge down there again to drop off keys.

Don't get me wrong though, it looks fantastic out there, and in the moments between shards of ice driving themselves into my cornea, I am glad to be alive and experiencing such things. But still, I can see why our ancient, nomadic ancestors may have been slightly put out by the coming of winter. My cat, on the other hand, shares none of my mixed feelings. I open the door for my cat to go outside, and he gives me the sort of look I assume Ayn Rand saved for people handing her Marxist pamphlets.

Other update news: My foot is not fine, but it is good enough to walk through the snow on. I no longer use a cane. Happy days!

Well, I'm off to push my way through the blizzard again.
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what happened to your foot? did your brother shoot you again?

Naw, it was some kind of inexplicable explosion of gross and fluid in my ankle. No one is entirely sure why it happened, though it involved a tumor and some kind of infection. Slowly healing up.
well, I'm glad you are healing. Merry Christmas!
Your postings never fail to bring a hearty chuckle. I simply must see images of this gaze Chester shares with you.
I hope your winter has been super duper!
Apart from treacherous ankles and the endless snowpocalypse up here I've been doing just swimmingly. I haven't had Christmas yet though, since everyone is snowed in.

And how have you been? I was starting to think you had taken up the simple life of a farmer, deep in the rustic Appalachia woodlands, and far from this corrupting Internet technology.
I was in Colorado for a bit with my family, doing the ski thing. I haven't been e-social lately, I don't know what's gotten into me, but I need to start lacking a life again.