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Things I have written in facebook (because I am lazy)

Occasionally I go through netflix and move all the "long wait" movies to the top of my que, lest the last few copies get lost before I can view them. Then I get these movies, and have it ground into my poor head that yes, I did add "Redneck Zombies", "Nude For Satan" and "I Was a Teenage Zombie" to my que, and I apparently thought this was an entirely reasonable act at the time.


The title "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" makes the opposite of sense.


I accompanied my brother to the hospital today, and while laying on the floor he, as brother are wont to do, began to piston his cane between my legs and towards my "swimsuit area" in a furious manner. A passing nurse walked by, paused to look us over, and gave an appreciative "mmmm-hmmm!" before continuing on her way.


Today I ate at Buca di Beppo for lunch, fixed a lawn mower, bought new boots, identified a wallaby skull, helped move a cripple, and made myself a fine dish of pop tarts, with hardened sugar on top and a steamy fruitesque filling inside. Toast lightly for 60 seconds and serve warm.


Devin thinks they should release a special edition of "Bad Girls Club" narrated by Frans de Waal.

(Edit: No one got this! He is a famed primatologist, and exactly the sort of person who could best explain the behavior of these people. Have you seen this show? They just hoot and throw things and leap at one another shouting and showing their teeth, while the outnumbered girls try to avoid making eye contact and make submissive gestures.)


Devin Jarboe is engaged in an activity of no importance, and wishes it to be noted down for posterity!

(Edit: This was my very first (and very apt) Facebook entry.)

Thus is the chronicle of my shame. Compared to livejournal, facebook is such rubbish not even Frank the goat would eat it.
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