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Facebook Updates May 2009 (+commentary)

Devin became a fan of Being Awesome!


Did you folks know Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is friggin' 10 YEARS OLD this weekend?


On the plus side, I did not throw up in a courtroom today. on the minus side, I did throw up on a cat. Whatever happened to the one flu a year rule? I think I shall have to call in sick for jury duty. Do they shoot out your kneecaps for that? Anyone?


The worst thing about being sick is how sleep ceases to be a natural outgrowth of yourself. It's like I am in a failing relationship with sleep. "You seem a little distant, sleep. Would it help if I lay like this?" Sleep remains unimpressed by my attempts to rekindle our old flame.



May was clearly a useless month in my life, punctuated only by illness and reminders of my own mortality and increasing irrelevance to the youth demographic I have associated myself with the majority of my life.

On the plus side, I can still rock being awesome!
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