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facebook posts, october 2009 (+commentary)

They are canceling Reading Rainbow! I do not approve.


Fiction: Fiction is a direct feed into another *lifetime* of experience. Beyond the characters and plot, there's a voice telling us something of what they have learned about being human, hard won through decades of experiences I can never have. That's knowledge! Folks who talk about fiction being just escapism or wasted time are off their rocker.


I spent several hours the other night reading about spiders, which, yes, is a fun way to spend one's evening. I finished, got up, and took one step - right onto a huge spider I had failed to notice. :(


You know, every spider that is killed mystically infuses it's hundreds of eggbound young with it's own vengeful spirit, and commands them as a single malicious hive mind. It's science!


When I am spinning 40 feet in the air on machinery built by carnies, the last thing I want to hear playing is "I Will Survive". It's just asking for some kind of ironic "Final Destination" style doom to descend.


Other fair news: there was a knife fight between two Mexican gangs there, I ate a lot of fried food, rode some fun rides, spent a million years in traffic. It was pretty awesome.


I have decided to change my name to "White Chocolate Snow" and cut a rap album. I shall wear a sideways ball cap at all times. Should I think twice about this decision? No.

COMMENTARY: The spider post brought on the largest response yet recorded on my facebook - dozens of spider haters and defenders fighting a running war over the next week regarding the most suitable fate for spiders.

I also watched a hilariously bad Weird Al video at the fair, which taught me absoloutely nothing about the topic (the brain) it purported to be about, but did show Tim & Eric stretching a brain between them across a road. I ate deep friend cookie dough, pickle, and alligator. I saw the parents of the mexican gangs, shuffling about and look embarassed as their children were processed by the police inside the police-fair-station. Heh.

That literature thing is totally true.
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