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facebook posts October 2009 (+commentary)

Is it wrong to refer to women and men as "Innies" and "outies"? (Facebook asked me what was on my mind! What am I supposed to do, lie?)


Awesome things I saw this week: A coyote running about Bellevue. Awesome things I missed seeing this week: The Pogues, Richard Dawkins, sleep before 5am. On the whole, I feel this week is a fail for Devin.


Today my roommate found a dog toy - the sort of toy that, if lightly jostled, makes noises. Growls, children's laughter, shouts of "don't do that!". He found it taped to his bedframe, after two days of trying to work out where said sounds were coming from. He also seems to feel that *I* may have had something to do with this. Preposterous, I know.


I hope that the only action scenes in 2012 are in the preview, and the rest of the movie is spent with the main characters trapped together in a small bunker. Ultimately, the final act will reveal the film as a homage to Jean-Paul Sartre's existential stage play "No Exit".


Right now I am eating a slice of meat cake. That's right, it's cake made of meat. Frosted with mashed potato. My world is a world of wonders beyond your ken.

Fun fact: a single hair from this mustache will cure impotence.


COMMENTARY: I am mesmerized by the beauty of this mustache
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