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Facebook posts December 2009

Just so everyone is clear on this - A snuggie is a broken robe. Or an overpriced hospital gown. Take your pick.


I just got a $40 book on spotted hyena in the mail, and I regret not a cent! Look here, there's a chart on interspecific competition! Oh Hans Kruuk, you rascal.

COMMENTARY: The snuggie post was, without a doubt, the single most controversial statement I have ever made on facebook. There was much anger to be seen. That book on hyena was awesome.


It's my birthday! Or as I like to call it, "The Christmas in December". I have tomorrow off, so feel free to send me all those giant packages and crates by one-day delivery, UPS.


My roomates cat poops in a box! Inside the house! Who trains a cat to do such a thing? I've never seen any evidence that my cat poops. My cat meows, I let him outside for 2-4 minutes, and he comes back in. This is respectable cat behavior. Now my roomate has this fustilarian, low-born beast befouling my home with her hideous biological functions.


Is this awesome? Y/N

COMMENTARY: The correct answer is both.


When you are walking along, and suddenly you begin to vomit onto someone's lawn, and they are watching you vomit on their lawn, you enter into a special kind of relationship. It is a bad relationship, which neither of you feel good about in the morning, but it is there. Years from now, I will probably remember that man better than some people I have kissed.

COMMENTARY: More people "liked" this post than nearly any other post I have done. Also, I still remember that dude.


I wonder what percentage of the Venture Brothers audience get's references to Stiv Bators, Art of Noise, Klaus Nomi and Lydia Lunch? It can't be that many...


During a christmas scuffle, I pounced onto my brother, who in return lashed out and clawed my forehead open, causing me to bleed all over - we all had a giggling fit. Then we had pie! The pie was delicious. Everybody liked their presents. Grandmother had one red eye (completely), which contrasted eerily with her green iris.

COMMENTARY: she had a burst blood vessel, and it was RED. Like her eye was a pool of blood, with an island of green floating in it. Blood was apparently a theme that christmas.


Notable Loot list: movies -Notorious (Hitchcock), 4 film pack by Igmar Bergman, Watership Down. Books - sociobiology (EO Wilson), the Unbearable Lightness of Being(Kundera), Edgeworks 2 & 4 (Harlan Ellision), The Odyssey (Homer), Short History of Nearly Everything (Bryson). Music- Chameleons UK, Script of the bridge. Socks - socks


Yo, I be seeking roomates again - the upper floor of my house is clearing out, due to certain folks bouncing a check on me. Rooms run about 450, as low as 360 if we get enough people in. Or you and any number of associates can have the whole upstairs for about $1,000 (3 bedrooms, ~1,000 square feet, kitchen, access to ...washer/dryer). Right by Crossroads, Microsoft, BCC. Great views (of me).

COMMENTARY: I have roomates now.


Worst case of food poisoning EVER. I feel like Ive been beaten with sticks, drained by a vampire and cursed by dark gods. The only thing that seems to interrupt the stream of liquid coming out one orifice is when the other one wants in on that action, and I have to spin around and let it purge. Being this sick is hard work.

COMMENTARY: turns out, this wasn't food poisoning at all, and I got to share with all my friends and coworkers! Sorry about that, folks.


Within the last 44 hours or so I have input 1/2 package of saltine crackers (dipped in broth), 1 bowl of soup, 1 half sandwich, a lot of water. Output - all that and more. I am running at a net loss! Given sufficient time, death is certain. Though I suppose that's always true.

COMMENTARY: I was sick several days after this too.


COMMENTARY: I went to Alligator Soul to eat, via facebook inviation from kathleen, and it was delicious. Mostly noted to remember Alligator Soul resteraunt.


The history of life on this planet is fucking amazing.

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