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facebook posts Feb. 2010

Go to urbandictionary.com & look up your first name. Post your definitions in the comments below: "Devin" (all in all, I found these surprisingly accurate)

*to have vigorous passion; an endless sexual appetite:
He was so devin! He went all niiight looong!
*a person of such class and wisdom that it is unpresidented. A man so veril and powerful to all who dare to cross his path that they have no choice but to fall to their knees and worship the ground he walks on.
*An extremly hot boy that tells cheesy jokes, a total cutie, the boy that everyone at school knows i have completly fallen for, amazing smile, very funny, totaly makes the worst the day the best, the name given to the reason I'm happy 24/7 and am always smiling/laughing but also makes me fairly shy...
the name given to perfection. The one that ... See Moreevery guy is jealous of for obvious reason. Thinks he has a great body, and he is so right. Hes so amazing, that your speechless when you see or talk to him.
*He is the man, he is a god amongst men. Every guy wants to be like him, and all the ladies want to be with him. Everyone tries to be like him, but none can compare to his sheer awesomeness. If you look up the word perfect in the dictionary, you see his face and his phone number so all the fine ladies to see.

COMMENTARY: As I commented "it just goes on like this, I shit you not." Truly, my verility is without president (as craig commented at the time)


My superbowl comment: What possible use would an aboreal anteater be to the "Green Police"?


I love half-asleep me. It's adorable how confidently he feels he is communicating with awake-me when he writes down something like "Orkin, gassed while robbing; magic? 50 dolla! Palm leaf, pulled up polo. Chased off. David Bowie!" before going back to sleep.


link title: How Does Homeopathy Work Link page: It Doesn't

COMMENTARY: notable primarily for the following exchange, which sums up my feelings nicely

comment: Why such a campaign against it? This is, like, the fifth such thing I've seen in a few months. Who cares if some people wanna' pop sugar pills? What's the big deal?
Devin: Pez takes advantage of people who want to pop sugar pills. These folks are taking advantage of people who are sick, and want to get better.


I resent the people of future. They are going to know so many things we can only guess at! Things we can't even guess.


My experience with LOST thus far has taught me this: LOST is not written by humans. I think the tale of how LOST was created is the real, hidden story here. Is it a dolphins perspective on what life on land is like? Is it the translated code left behind by the dying AI of an automated silkworm nursery? Is the creation of LOST the actual purpose of the human appendix? Millions of appendixes, working together?

I am willing to grant that the show has meaningful symbolism, character evolution, and coherent narrative. It just has nothing to do with any of these things as humans understand them.

COMMENTARY: I must say I do love Lost, but of all the anti-Lost arguments I've heard this is by far the most hilarious. -Stephanie
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